There is an organization known as ABANA, the Artist/Blacksmith Association of North America, which was launched at a ‘symposium’ of metalworkers—artisans and sculptors—which took place at Fire Mountain, GA in 1976. Currently it has grown to have an international membership of more than 4,000 and a quarterly publication, The Anvil’s Ring, which serves to connect and inform those involved with metal work.

Obviously something similar would benefit the craft of stone work and its adherents. An event was envisioned during which fellow stone masons (and others in related fields) from all over the country will have the opportunity to meet, to socialize and to discuss the craft; an event that would engender a structured, nationwide organization [with international associations] which will serve to connect and inform an extensive membership—the modern version of a medieval craft guild with a periodical publication, a directory of professional practitioners, educational resources, an on-line forum, information clearinghouse, and book shop, subsequent gatherings and eventually, perhaps, a physical center. This vision remained a vision for years until late in 1999 when, energized perhaps by the contemporaneous millennial zeal, Tomas Lipps finally took the initiative to realize it. He planned and publicized STONEWORK SYMPOSIUM 2000 and it came to pass—with remarkable and spirited success—in November 2000. About 70 or more advocates and practitioners of the craft convened and communed in Santa Fe New Mexico and THE STONE FOUNDATION was formally launched. Its stated mission: “to preserve and perpetuate the traditions and the craft of structural stone work.”

Metaphorically, THE STONE FOUNDATION has been the nexus of a network which has formed and which continues to grow and evolve; a network by means of which communication occurs, information is exchanged and appreciation is nurtured.

UPDATE, March 2019
Much of what was envisioned at the outset has been realized.
1.) STONEXUS Magazine: Seventeen issues of the Stone Foundation’s highly regarded print publication have been published and distributed and an 18th is now in production. Contributions of articles, photos, ideas (and, of course, money) are welcome.

2.) STONEZINE The digital counterpart to  the STONEXUS Magazine is published three times annually. Members have access to all editions of STONEZINE (there have been 15 editions published to date).

3.) WEBSITE:, the organization’s public interface, has been established and continues to evolve. (Volunteer help here welcomed.)

4.) STONEMAD FORUM: Another website,, functions as a stonework forum where Stone Foundation members, current and prospective, can meet, display photographs engage in discussions and exchange information about various aspects of the craft. Participants are principally hands-on stonemasons, wallers, carvers and sculptors.

5.) STONETC: The Stone Foundation’s newsletter. A digital edition is distributed periodically to all members with email addresses and a printed edition is mailed out with STONEXUS.

6.) ON-LINE MEMBER DIRECTORIES: at www, are currently being revamped. Visitors will have the opportunity to consult two Directories, one for Wallers, Stonemasons and Stonemasonry Contractors, another for Associate Members (Architects, Artists, Suppliers, Quarries, Tool merchants, etc.)

Those listed in the Directories whether individuals or business interests, will be accessible to a wider public. There is a fee for these listings ($50 for 12 months) but they have proved to be successful in generating not only contacts, but commissions and sales for those listed.

7.) STONEWORK SYMPOSIA: A total of twelve annual gatherings have been successfully organized and taken place. The seventh, INTERNATIONAL 2007, was the first one to take place outside the United States on the Island of Mallorca, off the east coast of Spain.

8.) TRAINING: The need for a hands-on Training Component was soon recognized and the fourth annual gathering, STONEWORK SYMPOSIUM 2004 was the occasion for two workshops, a Stonemasonry Workshop and a Stone Carving workshop. Every Symposium since has offered workshops in various aspects of stonework including Dry Stone Walling, Architectural Stone Carving and Lime Mortar Stonemasonry.

9.) FOUNDATIONEXUS: The Stone Foundation has been functioning as an information clearinghouse and an agent of referral since its establishment.

THE STONE FOUNDATION is more than an organization. We are a society, a community, a tribe. The core constituency may be artisans, artists and contractors, but anyone involved with or interested in Stone, Stonework or Stone Art is invited to join us.
The term of STONE FOUNDATION membership is 12 months dating from the date of registration, or registration renewal. Eventually membership and magazine subscription will be separate and subscribers will be able to receive STONEXUS without having to become members and pay the full membership fee. Unfortunately that is not possible at this time; only by charging the full membership fee is there enough money generated to produce, print and distribute the magazine.

Please pass the word about the Stone Foundation, its publications and its activities to others who might be interested. We, and they, will thank you.

The STONE FOUNDATION came into being in 1986 with a stonemasonry workshop in northern New Mexico. The title, an irresistible pun, was used to identify the group of friends and fellow stonemasons who comprised the team of instructors: Tomas Lipps of New Mexico, George Gonzalez from California, Joe Kenlan from North Carolina, and Toru Oba from Virginia. Sixteen novices were introduced to the craft during the course of a two week “apprenticeship.” Worthy projects—dry stone retaining walls and a spring house—were accomplished. As well as basic skills the novices gained an understanding of the fundamentals and an appreciation of some of the finer points of structural stone work.

Seven workshops have followed over a ten year period—in New Mexico, California, Ohio, South Carolina, Oregon, and Mallorca, Spain. The success of these workshops and the camaraderie experienced by the participants led to the concept of a gathering of stonemasons.

our mission: to honor stone, stonework​, AND STONE ART

TO HONOR stone, stonework​, and stone art
​​TO CELEBRATE stone and the skilled and creative use of stone;
TO PRESERVE and PERPETUATE the time-honored craft of stonework, particularly structural stonework;
TO ENCOURAGE and INFORM a resurgence of interest in it through publications, workshops, seminars, symposia, etcetera;
TO RESEARCH and REPORT the history and culture of stonework;
TO EXPLORE and EXPAND the potential for principled applications in contemporary structures;
TO CULTIVATE an international community of stonemasons;
TO BE A RESOURCE and TO ENABLE information and experience to be shared;
TO EDUCATE stonemasons, professional and amateur, architects, contractors and the general public regarding sound practices and acceptable standards of workmanship.